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Bridging the gap between public research funding and private investment

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Three engineers from Pforzheim ensure greater safety under water – just by pressing a button. Since 2010 the trio Feicht, Koch and Sabelfeld has been developing a disruptive ultrasound-based communication system. With Free-Linked’s product – the “Buddy Watcher” – diving buddies are now able to call each other under water by pressing a button even if they are up to 20 meters apart. The solution thus increases comfort and safety.
The specialization of Free-Linked lies in the bidirectional communication based on ultrasound. In the future, their technology can be applied in many different sectors - such as a park distance control system, in which the ultrasonic sensors are no longer visible in the bumpers.

Free-Linked GmbH is also among the 12 finalists of the CyberOne High-Tech Award Baden-Württemberg 2015

Since 1998, the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and bwcon organize the most important prize of the technology industry in the region: the CyberOne business award. Young and innovative high-tech companies are supported through the CyberOne programme both strategically and financially.
For Free-Linked the nomination for the CyberOne shortlist has primarily resulted in a facilitation of contacts to industrial partners. In addition, the start-up will be coached by renowned business coaches and experts.
The objective of the CyberOne award is to select the best and most innovative business ideas from the region of Baden-Württemberg in high-tech, economics and development.
Free-Linked team from left to right: Eduard Sabelfeld, Michael Feicht, Sergej Koch
Free-Linked team from left to right: Eduard Sabelfeld, Michael Feicht, Sergej Koch

Buddy Watcher at "The Lion’s Den" on VOX

From August 2015 the German television channel VOX presents once again the format "The Lion’s Den" every Tuesday at 20:15 CEST. Truly disruptive business ideas will be presented by the candidates to the so-called "lions", five different investors from Germany. If the presentation and the idea is convincing, the lion will invest in the company.
Free-Linked has been selected as a candidate for the format and will present the Buddy Watcher on 8th September. If you would like to find out more about the product and the team, don’t miss the opportunity and watch them on VOX in September! Since the format has about 2 million viewers it is certain that the company and the Buddy Watcher will make a huge step forward. The entrepreneurs hope that through raising more awareness on their product new clients, private customers, and technology partners will help them turning their start-up into an SME step-by-step.

Financing of Free-Linked GmbH by MBG

The “Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg” (MBG) is a financial provider consisting of shareholders from different chambers, associations and the banking industry. Through silent or open holdings in companies MBG strengthens the propriety capital of start-ups.
Recently, Free-Linked GmbH has received an investment of € 250,000 by MBG. The resulting improvement in the financial structure has allowed for marketing activities, research and development and the recruitment of staff. In particular, the team is focusing on developing the Buddy Watcher further and on raising more awareness on the European market.
To find an investor is one of the biggest challenges for a start-up next to sales. What it takes to convince an investor is a good business plan, a great idea and a convincing team. Therefore, Free-Linked is glad to have won the support of such a well-known investor. Not only does the team believe that the financial help will help immensely, but also that MBG’s network will support them in growing their business.

The European Investor Gate project has again organised the coaching day of the Heidelberg Innovation Forum 2015 which took place on 19th and 20th May. The topic this year was smart data and overall, 28 founders from various European countries presented their business ideas to investors after having participated in the EIG investment readiness training.

European Start-ups meet Investors and Market Players

Collecting, evaluating and using data efficiently is an important and state-of-the-art topic: The information overload created through vast amounts of data nowadays needs to be analysed in a digestible and useful way to shape business decisions. This current trend can be seen particularly in the presentations of twenty start-ups from all across Europe given during the 14th Heidelberg Innovation Forum on May 20th in order to convince investors and business angels of their business ideas. In addition to the smart data focus, another eight young entrepreneurs presented web-based business solutions at the forum. The Heidelberg Innovation Forum is organized every year by bwcon GmbH and the EML European Media Laboratory GmbH with the aim of fostering communication and cooperation, matching start-ups and investors, and thus contributing to the successful start of new companies.
Dr. Jürgen Jähnert, CEO of bwcon GmbH, opened the “Pitching Day” at the Heidelberg Innovation Forum on May 20th in the fully occupied Villa Bosch in Heidelberg. “Yesterday was already a very exciting experience with the EIG  ‘Coaching Day’ helping the start-ups to gain useful knowledge from experts about business plans, financing and intellectual property rights.”

Market players from across Europe meet at the Heidelberg Innovation Forum each year (photo: U. Regenscheit)

Official Opening by Candace Johnson of EBAN

Before the pitches, Candace Johnson came up with some additional motivation in her keynote speech. Johnson is not only President of the „European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and Early Stage Market Players” (EBAN), but also a serial entrepreneur having profound knowledge in investment and young companies. She reported mainly about her own experience: Together with some partners she built up the leading satellite group SES/ASTRA and SES Global and she was one of the first to support the development and growth of private television in Europe. “I don’t do anything unless I think it is something big” she said – and she gave this advice to the audience, too. “In order to become an entrepreneur you need education, 95 percent of the success consists of effort and hard work.” With new technologies such as mobile, smart data, cloud and internet available there is no excuse for not making innovations. “It is up to you – but keep in mind that invested money is lost money if you do not have a mentor.” And another important advice from Johnson: “It is one thing to become successful. To stay successful, however, is something completely different”. 
Candace Johnson, co-initiator of SES Global and president of the European Business Angel Association (photo: U. Regenscheit)

“Smart Data”: Tailor-made Business Solutions with Data Analysis

“Smart Data” was the main topic of this year’s Heidelberg Innovation Forum: In four parallel pitching panels twenty companies had the opportunity to win the investors’ and business angels’ favour. It was obvious from the business ideas presented that all sectors in life and work are concerned and can profit from smart data. 
For instance, there were new trends in the health care sector: Xplain Data presented an analytics platform that turns complex relational data into an understandable data structure and shorter algorithms. Thus, it simplifies market analyses for insurance companies or healthcare data providers. LifeTime - another health care start-up - aims at optimizing communication between doctors and patients and completing medical records by centrally storing all diagnostic findings and data via your smartphone. Finally, DreamQuark from France showed the audience how to analyse unstructured data to get the information that improve healthcare prevention, diagnosis and care. 
E-commerce and retail will also be able to profit from the start-ups’ ideas: POSpulse for example supports clients with real-time analytics reports generated using crowdsourced data by evaluating the behavior of customers, current promotions, product placements or the activities of competitors. Virtual Showcase, on the other hand, has developed a solution to raise attention for retail stores in urban spaces. They have developed a new display window which shows tailor-made outfit suggestions for the customer by using age and gender estimation and an innovative algorithm. The customer can then order the demonstrated outfits at any time via the display window.
Moreover, security and integrity were addressed during the Heidelberg Innovation Forum. Companies such as Cloud Ararat, ContentPro AG or ViDiTrust focused on increased IT security, data protection or the authenticity of products with the help of analyses and forecasts, the fragmentation and encrypted transfer of data or even by generating codes that cannot be reproduced.
Adrian Walsh from CheckVentory presenting his business idea at the Smart Data panel (photo: U. Regenscheit)

And the winner is… “Best Business Idea Award” goes to Contextmapp

Sander Waterval and Robbert-Jan van Oeveren from the Dutch company Contextmapp follow two goals at the same time: a higher profit for their clients and a better customer satisfaction. Their pitch was so convincing that the audience selected them in the online voting for the “Best Business Idea Award” and the related prize money. They have developed a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that consists of a mobile app and an online platform that helps researchers to facilitate an easy collection and analysis of relevant data. A combination of objective variables and real-time user generated data enables researchers to look at more details and get a deeper understanding of customer needs. Instead of asking questions in retrospect Contextmapp finally allows users to carry out a smart data analysis in real time.
Sander Waterval and Robbert-Jan van Oeveren receiving the award from the bwcon team (photo: U. Regenscheit)

Workshops lead into an enjoyable evening

In the course of the “Fail Workshop” Samuli Sirén, Managing Partner at Redstone Digital, Simon Kissel from Viprinet Europe GmbH and Mert Altindağ from Cloud Ararat talked very openly about how they once failed with a business idea. Their central message was that it is not a shame to fail – it is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and above all for starting new projects. At the same time investors and business angels met at the “Investor workshop” to discuss the business ideas presented, new market opportunities, challenges, and risks.
Following these workshops the event ended with a gala dinner in the nearby restaurant ‘S’ Kastanie. The participants used this opportunity to enjoy a three-course dinner, to relax, to socialize, and to discuss new experiences, business ideas or potential cooperations. These collaborations will surely bear fruit until the next Heidelberg Innovation Forum in 2016!

Simon Kissel, Samuli Sirén, Kai Uwe Weidlich and Mert Altindag discussing failure in entrepreneurship (photo: U. Regenscheit)

You could not attend the Heidelberg Innovation Forum and EIG coaching day this year, but would like to see what was going on? Take a look at the EIG video to get to know the EIG start-ups:


At the end of June EIG had it's final event: The Hot Deals forum took place in Paris at the Bpifrance "LeHub" and the goal was to use the opportunity to connect promising founders who had already secured a part of their investment round with European investors. A novelty was that investors who had already decided to invest in one of the companies pitched together with the start-up and explained why other investors should follow their example.

The following 13 start-ups from all across Europe which have all started their financing round participated in the Hot Deals event:

1. Coindrum - Making coins count (Ireland)
2. Dreamquark - Big data at a new level (France)
3. FenestraPro - Efficient facade design for architects (Ireland)
4. iNovar (2Go Mobile now) - All your business intelligence mobile... now! (UK)
5. Incitat - Cost-effective solution improving household-waste sorting (France)
6. Matchrider - Everyday ride-sharing (Germany)
7. Memeoirs - Your digital life in a book (Italy)
8. Neoscores - iTunes for sheet music. Finally. (Belgium
9. Novimet - Rainfall at high resolution in real time
10. Openways - OKIDOKEYS smart locks with smart keys
11. Picsastock - The Uber for photographers (Germany)
12. Qymatix solutions - A new generation of sales analytics (Germany)
13. Sounderbox - Contolling the music together is simple (France)

You were not able to attend the Hot Deals Forum in Paris? Check out our video for some impressions:


The final hot deals event of European Investor Gate is coming up! On 26th June, the best EIG companies of our investment readiness programme will have the opportunity to close their financing round. EIG is inviting investors from across Europe and 10-15 companies to start discussions on concrete deals. NEW: Not only the companies pitch, but they bring along an investor interested in their company who will explain at the spot why he/she invests in that particular start-ups and why other investors should follow. The EIG consortium looks forward to an amazing event!

VENUE: Bpifrance Auditorium, 6-8 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris, France

Paris | 26th June 2015
by European Investor Gate

Investors may register here:

The Hot Deals Meeting is dedicated only to companies which currently have an ongoing financing round and have started concrete discussions with investors to secure a part of the investment needed.
You are eligible if you have opened your financing round and are currently discussing a concrete deal with investors, have secured interest or have already a first investor on board.
The goal of the event is to find co-investors for the companies present and to foster concrete deals.

The innovative format is different from the other investment forums: 
The start-ups should ideally bring their investor along so that concrete co-investments can be discussed. Both the investors and the startups will pitch: The investors briefly explain why they are investing in this particular company and then the companies present their ideas to the audience which will consist mainly of investors from across Europe.

Concrete application requirements:
  • European start-up or SME company with an innovative and scalable business model in the ICT/high-tech field
  • A prototype is already available
  • Looking to raise early stage equity investment to support their company growth (approx. 200K€ - 2m€)
  • Financing round is currently ongoing, ideally discussion with a concrete investor are already ongoing or part of the investment has been secured
Companies: Apply now here!

You are an investor and would like to attend or recommend a company?
Kindly send a short email to

Please note that investors will profit from a private networking session and lunch before the actual pitching event to discuss possible investment opportunities!


Programme and Venue
  • Investors will meet in the networking area at 11:30 a.m. CET for private introductions and discussion.
  • The main event with presentations will take place from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. CET after the networking lunch.
 Bpifrance Auditorium & "The Hub", 6-8 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris
11:30 – 12:30 Private meeting for investors: Introductions and private discussion
Location: “The Hub” – 4th Floor
12:30 – 13:30 Networking lunch for investors
Location: “The Hub” – 4th Floor
13:00 Arrival and registration of companies
Location: Bpifrance Auditorium
13:30 – 14:45 Presentations by companies (8 minute pitch + short investor speech and Q&A)
Bpifrance Auditorium
14:45 – 15:00   Networking break & coffee
15:00 – 16:15 Presentations by companies (8 minute pitch + short investor speech and Q&A)
Bpifrance Auditorium
16:15 – 17:30 Networking & cocktail

The event is organised on behalf of the EU project European Investor Gate. Join the EIG community here:
If you have any questions about the event, kindly contact:


hot_deals_event_agenda.pdf Hot Deals Event_agenda.pdf  (491.25 KB)
invitation_companies_hot_deals_event.pdf Invitation companies_Hot Deals Event.pdf  (388.38 KB)
invitation_investors_hot_deals_event.pdf Invitation investors_Hot Deals Event.pdf  (390.23 KB)

The #ACESummit 2015 in partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Congress took place in Milan on the 18th March at the MiCo - Milano Congressi. During a full day of discussions, interactions and networking, over 150 participants from 15 countries and 50 ACE selected companies met in Milan. The event was supported by European Investor Gate with several training workshops for entrepreneurs to foster their level of investment readiness.

EIG investment readiness training at ACE Summit 2015 in Milan

Four different training round tables dedicated to analysing and increasing the startups' and founders' level of investment readiness were organised by the European Investor Gate project:

  •           Paolo Anselmo, President IBAN: Testing your Business Model
  •           Philippe Gluntz, President Business Angels Europe (BAE): Test your Financing
  •           Thierry Baujard, CEO Media Deals: Securing Cross-Border Investment
  •           Brigitte Baumann, CEO Go Beyond and angel investor: Managing and Closing the Financing Round

In the workshops the coaches not only helped the participants to refine their financial strategies, but also gave useful advice for securing investment, managing a financing round successfully and finalising cross-border investment deals.

The event ran for a full day and included 26 company pitches to investors from Business Angels Europe, Italian Angels for Growth, EBAN, Orange, iSource, RedAngels and others.

The Summit was accompanied by an all day exhibition space featuring all the ACE partners and their supported companies, and a total of 35 pre-scheduled meetings between participants took place in the networking area. 

The booklet of the ACE Summit can be downloaded below:

ace_summit_booklet_final1.pdf ACE Summit Booklet_final1.pdf  (708.29 KB)

Please note that our next online EIG e-pitch will take place on 5 March at 17:00 (CET time). Investors are warmly invited to join! 6 companies that are currently looking for financing will present their business ideas again in short pitches in the framework of a web conferencing system.

To join the E-Pitch, please register now! Kindly send an email to Corinna Voss to obtain the registration link.

The session will host these 6 innovative European companies:
3D solutions for everyone
The most cost-effective and high quality DIp 3D printer in the market (Italy)
Investment Round Size: 200K€
Taking care of business, so you can take care of fitness
Simple to use cloud-based fitness business management platform that includes an integrated white label mobile app, booking and payment solution (Ireland)
Investment Round Size: 500K€ (300K€ secured)
Digital Signal Processing and Communications
Enables water utility companies, businesses and individuals to fully manage their water resources, detect water leaks and optimise consumption through the development of  non-invasive, low-cost automatic water metering technology (Cyprus)
Investment Round Size: 2M€ (400K€ secured)
How to improve the impact of live communication
Builds breath-taking interactive and engaging games played by a crowd on big screens;  provides advertisers and corporate event organisers with a live communication tool based on gaming (Belgium)
Investment Round Size: 200K€ (100K€ secured)
Powering out-stream video advertising
Helps online publishers to take advantage of the growing video advertising market. Its technology deploys automatically native video ad units within any articles with contextual and targeting capabilities (France / Canada / USA)
Investment Round Size: 500k€
Brightening the events you love
The simplest app designed to discover and book personalized events last-minute. It provides venues with an exclusive last-minute channel where it is possible to offer discounts or premium services without cannibalizing other sales channels. (Italy)
Investment Round Size: 400k€ (340K€ secured)

The e.pitch is an online pitching session within a web conferencing system. Companies will have each 8-minutes to pitch and participating investors may ask questions via a chat window throughout the pitch, the questions are then answered at the end of each presentation.

The e-pitch is organised in cooperation with EuroQuity. You will be able to see the company profiles and their presentations on the EuroQuity platform directly after the pitch.


We are pleased to inform you that the ACE Summit is taking place again this year on 18th March 2015 in Milan, Italy. European Investor Gate is once again a partner of the event and will be supporting the summit with training opportunities for entrepreneurs.

ACE Summit Milan in Cooperation with European Investore Gate
The second #ACESummit will be taking place in Milan in partnership with the #GEC2015.

As in 2014, the ACE Summit will introduce the most innovative ICT SMEs and startups selected by ACE to investors, mentors and potential partners in other European markets. The Summit also aims at identifying opportunities for cross-border investment in Europe and provide investor readiness training and pitching sessions for the ACE startups.

To find out more about the event which is taking place in the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, please visit the website.

European Investir Gate will support the investment readiness roundtables of the event. Stay tuned for further information!
If you have any questions about the event or would liek to join, kindly contact Margaret Mulligan .

Below you will find the flyers of the ACE Summit.


acesummit_flyer_entrepreneurs.pdf ACESummit Flyer entrepreneurs.pdf  (203.09 KB)
ace_flyer_non_companies.png ACE Flyer non companies.png  (625.79 KB)

Recently, the French start-up Golaem which offers solutions for crowd simulation and animating characters raised an investment of 600k Euro in the framework of European Investor Gate. In addition, the German start-up Smoope managed to convince the German High-Tech Gründerfonds of its business idea after having participated in the EIG Coaching Day in Heidelberg and having been coached by bwcon.

600k Euro for Goleam’s virtual reality tools to animate digital characters

Golaem first presented their innovative business concept at the EIG investment forum in NEM Summit 2013 in Nantes and participated in the EIG investor readiness training provided by Media Deals prior to the summit. Founder Stéphane Donikian delivered a great pitch at the investment forum and managed to convince the investors with Golaem’s virtual reality solution for creating digital characters and even whole crowds for games, movies or television series.

All in all, Golaem has managed to secure an investment of 600.000 Euro in its financing round. 150k Euro have been invested by Paris Business Angels and 150k Euro by the French venture capital fund Startquest Capital. Having secured these 300.000 Euro of equity capital Golaem was eligible for another 300k Euro from the French public bank bpifrance. The contact with Paris Business Angels was established through Philippe Gluntz, member of the EIG Connect Investor Club and representing the trade associations France Angels and Business Angels Europe.

The investment of the first round will be used to accelerate commercialisation of the product on an international market (film and advertising markets) as well as for the development of complementary products for video games. In the meanwhile, Golaem has already succeeded in convincing customers across the globe: Their crowd simulations have been used in TV series such as “The Walking Dead” or “Game of Thrones” or films like “Hercules” and “The Physician”.

Before participating in the EIG investment forum, Golaem had already developed parts of its technology in the framework of EU research projects and programmes. The technologies were first tested in the FP7 IRIS programme, before Golaem joined the SAFECITI project on simulation platforms for the analysis of crowd turmoil in urban environments with training and predictive capabilities which is still ongoing.

The next step for Golaem will be to carry on with the internationalisation process of their business. The EIG consortium wishes the Golaem team all the best for the next steps at international level and looks forward to the next games and films with virtual reality solutions provided by Golaem.

Smoope – B2C messaging made in Germany receives investment from HTGF

EIG first got in touch with Smoope at the EIG coaching day in Heidelberg in April 2014. After having participated in the intensive training of the coaching day with mentors from EIG’s partners Dublin BIC, Go Beyond, Media Deals and bwcon, Smoope went on to pitch at the Heidelberg Innovation Forum 2014 – the matchmaking platform for early innovation phases in Baden-Württemberg. After the event, the two founders Halil Mandal and Eleftherios Hatziioannou decided to join bwcon’s EXI coaching programme in the course of which the contact to the Hightech Gründerfonds was established.

The German High-Tech Gründerfonds is one of the most important venture capital funds in Germany and invests in highly disruptive young start-ups from the high-tech sectors such as IT, clean tech, life science or automation. Initially the fund invests 500k Euro, the investment can be combined with other funds or angel investments.

Smoope has now managed to secure more than 500k Euro from the High-Tech Gründerfonds and a business angel for the first financing round. Ever since, the start-up has taken huge steps forward with its “Smoope Service to Go” and managed to redefine business-to-consumer communication. Smoope uses the principle of instant messaging to connect companies with their clients in a secure and usability friendly way. The two founders will use the investment not only to develop their B2C instant messaging tool further, but also to create a new service app for enquiries customers may have – a full service package for connecting enterprises and customers made in Stuttgart.

Currently, more than 100 companies are already testing the smoope app. While the employees use a web app installed on their computer to laptops, smartphones or tablets which can be integrated into existing CRM systems, the client uses an intuitive free of charge mobile app which is as easy to use as WhatsApp or Threema. The vision of the team is to extend the services of their products further with the new investment to allow companies to be available for clients via the communication channels their customers prefer.

Further information:

European Investor Gate is delighted to announce Seabery, a Spanish tech company, as the winner of the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp recently hosted by Dublin BIC.


The event, which took place on 3rd and 4th November as part of the EIG Project, welcomed over 150 participants from across Europe, with 13 countries  represented.  The majority of participants were from tech companies however there were also representatives from International angel groups, innovation centres and business accelerators.
Seabery, an augmented training and performance management platform for the healthcare industry, beat 47 companies and 5 other finalists to secure the top position, to include Tenderscout, Medicodose, Courtsdesk, Ignidata and CheckVentory.

The Team, Alejandro Villarán Vázquez & Basilio Marquinez accepted the award of €5.000 from Dublin BIC CEO Desmond Fahey with smiles all round.

On 4th November EIG's 50 "most investable" European start-ups presented their business ideas to more than 30 investors at the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp. Seabery, a company providing augmented reality solutions for training from Spain, won the cash prize of 5000 Euro. To give you some impressions the Dublin Business Innovation Centre has collected the highlights of the event, enjoy!

Here’s  some highlights of the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp, hosted by Dublin BIC as part of the European Investor Gate project.  The event welcomed 50 tech entrepreneurs to Dublin for a day event which included a tour of Google, IBM & PayPal followed by pitch battles and entrepreneurial workshops.

Rory Caren (IBM), John Phlan, Tara Beshoff (DBIC) Pady Flynn (Google)
Rory Caren of IBM and Paddy Flynn of Google launch the event with Dublin BIC team members John Phelan and Tara Beshoff
Getting ready for the event
Getting ready for the event
The steps to Google
The steps to Google
Paddy Flynn, Google & John Phelan (DublinBIC)
Paddy Flynn, Director Product Quality Operations at Google with John Phelan of the Halo Business Angel Partnership
John Phelan (DublinBIC)opens the event
John Phelan of Dublin BIC opens the event
Tony Corrigan of Tenderscout
Tony Corrigan of Tenderscout enjoys the Google session
DublinBIC chairman Frank Roche with Rory Caren of IBM and John Phelan of Dublin BIC
Dublin BIC chairman Frank Roche with Rory Caren of IBM and John Phelan of the Halo Business Angel Partnership
John Phelan (DublinBIC) enjoys the tech expo at IBM
The IBM Tech expo gets off to a good start
Alexandra Rudl of bwcon leading the business modelling workshop for entrepreneurs
Alexandra Rudl and Corinna Voss of German incubator bwcon, lead the an entrepreneurial workshop on business modelling
Victor De Witt from Recipay  enjoys the IBM tech expo
Victor De Witt of Luxembourg startup Recipay engages with the tech expo in IBM
Anthony Rafferty (PayPal) & John Phelan (DublinBIC)
Anthony Rafferty of PayPal prepares to present “The Future of Money”
Patrick Rahme of AllSquare pitches to investors
Patrick Rahme of All Square, a golfing platform, pitches to the audience
Judging Panel - Conor Carmody(DublinBIC),Gilles Le Cocguen (BPI France) Brigitte Baumann (Go Beyond)
Conor Carmody of Dublin BIC participates in the judging panel with Gilles Le Cocguen of BPI France and Brigitte Baumann of Go Beyond
Lucas Pedretti of Qymatix
Lucas Pedretti of Qymatix, a German sales analytics company, smiles for the camera.
Joana Soares of IPN and Heidi Corr of Dublin BIC moderate the pitch sessions
Heidi Corr from DublinBIC moderates the pitches with Joana Soares of Portuguese Innovation organisation Insituto Pedro Nunes.
Catherine Delevoye of Technoport leads the Deal Flows & Exit Strategy workshop
Catherine Delevoye of Luxembourg innovation agency Technoport, leads the group workshop on “Deal Flows & Exit Strategies”
Nadir Benouali -  Medicadose -  Final Pitch Battle
Nadir Benouli of French startup Medicadose presents in the final pitch battle.
Frank Devisme of Hanakai, a french startup in the creative sector, listens attentively.
Paul Quigley of Newswhip gets interviewed
Newship’s CEO Paul Quigley gets interviewed
IBM Case studies Tom Morrisoe of The Now Factory and Ronan Rooney of Curam
Tom Morrisoe of The Now Factoy and Ronan Rooney of Curam present as case studies to the event participants
True Pivot engages with the IBM Q&A session
An entrepreneur engages with the Q&A session
Gianluca Ferranti of Vivocha pitches to investors
Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Ferranti engages the audience to pitch his company Vivocha, recent winner of the 2014 Red Herring Top 100 Europe, 2013 IBM SmartCamp and White Bull and IAB competitions.
Paolo Anselmo (IBAN), Chris Dial (Microsoft), Desmond Fahey CEO DBIC, Sean Beirne -Angel Investor, Alex Hobbs -AIB Seed Fund -Final Judging Panel
The judging panel decide the final winner – Paolo Anselmo, president of Italian Business Angel Network is joined by Chris Dial of Microsoft, Des Fahey of Dublin BIC, Sean Beirne of Halo Business Angel Partnership and Alex Hobbs, fund manager for the AIB Seed Capital Fund.
Desmond Fahey (CEO, DublinBIC) Welcomes participants in the  Gravity bar
Desmond Fahey, CEO of Dublin BIC welcomes the participants to the networking dinner
Fosca & Romain Sanviti relax at the networking dinner
Entrepreneurs from Italian startup PostGol enjoy the view of the city from the Gravity Bar
Tara Beshoff (DublinBIC) with Dhinakar Subramani of Bizbase
Tara Beshoff, the event project manager with Dhinakar Subramani from Bizbase
DublinBIC Chairmen Frank Roche, David Varian & CEO Des Faheywith members of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation - Padraig Hennessy and Wendy Grey
Wendy Grey and Padraig Hennessy of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation join Guinness Enterprise Centre board member David Varian together with Dublin BIC chairman Frank Roche and CEO Des Fahey for the networking dinner.
Event winners Seabery enjoying a pint of Guinness in the Gravity Bar
Pitch battle winners Seabery enjoy a pint of Guinness in the Gravity Bar.
Desmond Fahey, CEO DublinBIC, congratulates the event winners Alejandro Villarán Vázquez & Basilio Marquinez of Seabery
Alejandro Villarán Vázquez & Basilio Marquinez of Spanish startup Seabery get presented with the prize!

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